Month of June

The month of June is quite a busy one.  Full of history, some good and some bad:

In 1491, the first written record of Scotch Whiskey.  Seems pretty important to me, right?  Anyway, onto more important events this month

On June the 6th, 1944, The Allied Forces  stormed the beaches at Normandy with 160,000 Troops during Operation Overload and Operation Neptune.  These Operations are better known as "D-Day".  I should not need to reach into the importance of this date, but if you don't know.  Look Here

On June 17th, 1972, Box 1571 was struck for a fire at the Vendome Hotel.  Multiple Alarms were struck and 3 hours later, the fire was under control.  During overhaul operations, without warning, their was a collapse and 9 Firemen paid the supreme sacrifice.

Lt. Thomas J. Carroll, E32
Lt. John E. Hanbury, Jr., L13
FF Thomas W. Beckwith, E32
FF Joseph E. Boucher, Jr., E22
FF Charles E. Dolan, L13
FF John E. Jameson, E22
FF Richard B. Magee, E33
FF Paul J. Murphy, E32
FF Joseph P. Saniuk, L13

On Fathers Day, June the 17th, 2001.  The FDNY also lost 3 more brothers in a collapse resulting from an explosion.

FF Harry S. Ford, Rescue Co. # 4
FF Brian D. Fahey, Rescue Co. # 4
FF John Downing. Ladder Co. # 163

Earlier this month, We lost two more brothers from the San Francisco Fire Department.  Lt. Vincent Perez, E26 and Firefighter Anthony Valerio, E26 both paid the supreme sacrifice when a 2nd floor bedroom flashed over.  Both members had over 20 years of service to the City of San Francisco

And today, 4 years ago today, we lost 9 more Brothers in Charleston, S.C.

The next time that you drive to work or to your local volunteer firehouse, think about what these men have paid.  The common factors among all of them: They knew that one day they may be asked to give their lives and they were all Brothers.

Please keep the families of all these men, in your thoughts this month.


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