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Things that make you go “hmmm…”

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While detailed as the "Pipeman" on an Engine Company (assigned to the Hazmat Battalion), we were called to a 2 Story, middle of the group, ordinary construction dwelling for a report of a CO Alarm.  While investigating a small amount of CO, we located a small room that contained the hot water heater and the […]

Something to think about

During overhaul and firefighting operations, there are a number of hazards we take for granted. One of which is lath. Until the 1950's and some areas into the 1960's, using plaster and lath was the primary means of closing in rooms and covering walls. More information can be found here. In older towns and cities, […]

A Few Extra Hands

Let’s face the facts; in today’s fire service, career and volunteer departments are dealing with understaffed box alarm assignments. On paper; a 4 man company is "NFPA" compliant. We all know that the more manpower, the better. See the study that NIST did to see just how much more a few hands can improve operations. […]